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Pilot operated 3, 4, 5-port-solenoid valves

Pilot operated 5-port valve

Model No.
4RD/E Series

Pilot operated 5-port valve

5-port valve with improved environmental performance, safety, reliability, and ease of use. High-function. [Cylinder bore size: φ20 to φ100]

Semi-automated facitilies
Bag Manufacturing
Solenoid Valve
Air Pressure Supply
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[Low friction and long life] Low sliding friction and long life are achieved through the superior main valve sliding structure and specially designed packing.

[No entry of foreign matter] Air intake filter (Port A/B, optionally equipped) and pilot filtering piece equipped as standard.

[High-strength piping] The piping is strengthened through integration with the valve body, so there is no need to worry about any damage to the valve body during piping.

[Easy manifold selection model] Manifold assembly model can be procured as a single unit.

Model No.Product NamePiping port positionPort sizeRemarks
4RD1※Single valveBody pipingPush-in fitting M5
4RD2※Single valveBody pipingPush-in fitting Rc1/8
4RD3※Single valveBody pipingPush-in fitting Rc1/4
M4RD1※Manifold valveBody pipingPush-in fitting M5
M4RD2※Manifold valveBody pipingPush-in fitting Rc1/8
M4RD3※Manifold valveBody pipingPush-in fitting Rc1/4
4RE1※Single valveRear pipingRc1/8
4RE2※Single valveRear pipingRc1/4
4RE3※Single valveRear pipingRc1/4, Rc3/8
M4RE1※Manifold valveRear pipingPush-in fitting M5
M4RE2※Manifold valveRear pipingPush-in fitting Rc1/8
M4RE3※Manifold valveRear pipingPush-in fitting Rc1/4

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