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Refrigerating type air dryer

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Refrigerating type air dryer

New addition to our line of dryers designed to operate in high temperature environments or use in Asian countries

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[Aluminum heat exchanger is designed to handle oil-free air] Aluminum heat exchanger is designed to handle oil-free air and manufactured with materials resistant to corrosion

[Energy saving] Power consumption is reduced by 50% with energy sabing operation (GTA2900, 3300, 3900W, 4300, 5000W,7000W models)

[Operation Panel for secure control ] The electric operation panel shows ""operation status"", ""dew point"", ""error code"", ""air pressure gauge"" and some more.

Model No.Product NameFlow rate (m3/min)Remarks
GTA2200Air cooling type23
GTA2900Air cooling type31
GTA3300Air cooling type35
GTA4300Air cooling type45
GTA2700WWater cooling type29
GTA3900WWater cooling type41
GTA5000WWater cooling type53
GTA7000WWater cooling type74

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