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Flow indicator

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Flow indicator

This product can be used to control and indicate the direction of the fluid. It can widely be applied to the field of “one-way fluid control system”. Its advantages of simple internal structure, easy to be installed, convenient to be observed makes it pop! ●The direction of the fluid can be indicated. ●Fluid can be prevented from flowing reversely. ●Indicator doesn't need to contact the fluid directly.

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[Cleared window, Easy to confirm] The crystal cleared 3D observation room makes it possible to confirm the flow direction in any visual angle.

[Waste resistance] The indicator is separated from the fluid. They will not interfere with each other.

[Visual confirm water flow condition] The flow direction can be observed from long distance due to indicator's bright colour.

[High sensitivity, Easy to observe] The indicator is super sensitive. Obvious indication can easily be detected with tiny amount of fluid flowing by.

[Standdard built-in non-return valve] The flow direction can be controlled to prevent the adverse current of fluid caused by unpredictable situations.

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