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Large main line filter

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AF6000P・S・M・X Series

Large main line filter

Providing total oil-free specifications from refrigeration dryer to filter by incorporating stainless steel vessel

Air Pressure Supply
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[Housing anti-drop mechanism] The anti-drop mechanism prevents the housing from falling when you replace the element. You can change the element by yourself.

[Solid particle removal] (P Type) For air dryer pre-filter

[Oil mist removal Solid particle removal] (S Type) Protect your expensive air compressor *Removes particles 1μm or larger

[High-performance removal of oil mist and solids] (M-Type) Suitable for pneumatic pressure circuits which are susceptible to oil. *Removes particles 0.01μm or larger *Secondary side oil concentration

[Oil vapor removal Odor removal] (X Type) Suitable for pneumatic pressure circuits which are susceptible to odors. *Absorption with active carbon fibers *Secondary side oil concentration

Model No.Product NameFiltration (μm)ElementRemarks
AF-60※※PP type5solid, water removing filter
AF-60※※SS type1solid removing filter
AF-60※※MM type0.01oil mist removing filter
AF-60※※XX typeAbsorted with active carton fibersdeodorizing filter

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