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Power clamp cylinder

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Power clamp cylinder

PWC series have all been developed with righest and compact design , concept of maintenance friendly and HIGH RESISTANCE TO CONTAMINATION AND CORROSION. It contributes to downsizing of the equipment and further improvement of reliability and productivity.

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[Lightest and most compact power clamp] Developed with a modern and compact design, such as the cycle time, combined with a very limited total weight without compromising their strength and resistance. Using high quality alumium alloy and minimize any interfaering contours for the housings and the clamping arms.

[Shortest set-up time] Easily accessible stepless arm opening angle adjustment 0 to 135 degrees from the rear to front with an Allen wrench or a screw gun.

[Encapsulated Design] High resistance to contamination and corrosion and quick set-up/chnageover.

[Integrated operation] The integrated manual operation guarantees that the toggle joint is engaged and requires a very low force to reach the irreversible condition.

Model No.Product NameArm/LeverBore size (mm)Remarks
PWC-PPower clalmp cylinderN/Aφ40, φ50, φ63, φ80
PWC-GPower clalmp cylinderArmφ40, φ50, φ63, φ80
PWC-D1Power clalmp cylinderArm/Leverφ40, φ50, φ63
PWC-D2Power clalmp cylinderArm/Leverφ80

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