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Cylinders with linear guide

Linear slide cylinder

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Linear slide cylinder

Global model that adopts a cross roller guide while inheriting the concept of conventional models.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Post-Process
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[Increased flexibility in designshow] Mind Roller Retaine rDesigning is more flexible with the multi-sided piping, two-sided installation, a standard positioning hole and laterally symmetrical configuration.

[Absorber stopper Wide variety of options] Available include rubber cushion stopper, rubber suchion metal stopper and shock absorber stopper.

[Shorter operation time] Available with short stroke and high tack SKL shock absorber with long life

[High rigidity] Uses a cross-roller guide with cylindrical roller to achieve high rigidity

Model No.Product NameBore size (mm)Standard stroke length (mm)Remarks
LCVDouble acting/singlel rodφ6, φ8, φ12, φ16, φ20, φ2510, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150

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