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Cylinders with linear guide

Linear slide cylinder

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Linear slide cylinder

A basic model linear slide cylinder model featuring the specs most used by customers provided as standard. High rigidity, Free installation, High cost performance, Compact size and easy to be installed.

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[High rigidity and rotation preventing] LMG can be considered as the free installation cylinder equipped with high precision guide.

[Side by side installation helps to save the space] While ordering switches, please refer page 15 for the installation gap between cylinders.

[4 sides installation] Figure showing the "4 sides installation"

[3 sides piping and 2 sides switch installation] Figure showing the "3 sides piping and 2 sides switch installation"

[Can be used as Z axis] This product is suitable for phone manufacturing and precision mechanism industry. It can be used as Z axis.

Model NoProduct NameBore size (mm)Standard stroke length (mm)Remarks
LMGLinear slide cylinder double acting·single rod typeφ6·φ10·φ16·φ205, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60

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